What is Omah Lay Net Worth? [Updated 2024]

Because of his fast rise to stardom and his effectiveness in the industry, people are eager to know Omah Lay net worth in 2024, as this will add to the authenticity of his music career.

From his early life in Port Harcourt to becoming a celebrated musical artist, Omah Lay’s journey has been nothing short of remarkable.

What is Omah Lay net worth? Let us now find out!


Who is Omah Lay?

Omah Lay Net Worth
Omah Lay

Let’s begin by exploring the biography and entertainment career of Omay Lay to gain a better understanding of who he is before we calculate his net worth.

Omay Lay, born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is the stage name of Stanley Omah Didia. The veteran singer was born on May 19, 1998.

Omah Lay began his music journey in 2019 and achieved significant success by 2020. He began his music career with a group called Lil King, as stated in his Wikipedia biography.

Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer who does not have a formal education. There is no record of him attending or graduating from a university.


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What is Omah Lay Net Worth?

Omah Lay net worth is currently approximately $500k, reflecting his growing achievements and popularity.


How Does Omah Lay Make His Income?

  • Youtube:

This is a common way for Nigerian singers to earn money. When an artist uploads a music video on YouTube, ads are placed in the video. The artist gets paid whenever people watch these ads.

To determine Omah Lay net worth, it is important to consider the earnings he has accumulated through the views of his videos on YouTube.

Omah Lay is a popular artist with a YouTube channel that has gained significant attention. His channel has amassed an impressive total of 155 million video views and has garnered over 700,000 subscribers.

It is worth noting that YouTube pays creators an average of $0.003 to $0.005 per view, depending on the content of the video.

If we monetize these video views, the estimated income will be $349,000.

  • Endorsement Deals:

Omah Lay potentially earns income through endorsement deals with various prominent brands, both within and outside of Africa.

The singer achieved the distinction of being the first on the Apple Africa Rising showcase in November 2020. This is a bi-monthly programme that showcases African artists whose songs have the highest number of streams on the platform.

Omah received significant exposure towards the end of the year through this programme.

He used to go to Apple Music to stream songs by his favourite musicians, and now he is featured as the cover artist for Apple Africa Rising. He concluded his speech by emphasising the fulfilment of dreams.

The artist may sign a contract for one or two years, depending on the terms agreed upon during the discussion.

  • Streams:

This is a common way for singers to earn income, as long as their music continues to be streamed online and people keep listening to it.

The streaming site incorporates advertisements into its music, and whenever users engage with these ads, they receive a small profit. To determine Omah Lay net worth, it is important to consider his earnings from his various streams.

Omay Lay has achieved a remarkable milestone in his career with a total of 100 million streams worldwide. Based on our research, these streams have the potential to generate an estimated revenue of $300,000.


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Omah Lay is a singer, songwriter, and record producer known for his unique talent and soulful voice. He has received numerous accolades for his work.

He is a renowned artist who has been acknowledged as the “Artist of the Month” and has received a “Rated Award” for his exceptional contributions to the music industry.

Omah Lay is a Nigerian artist who has captured the hearts of millions of people across Africa. He is a widely recognised musician whose songs are heard throughout the continent.

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