5 High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree

This article speaks of high-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree. Canada boasts a diverse and dynamic job market that offers various high-paying opportunities for individuals who may not hold a university degree.

Contrary to the traditional notion that a university education is the only path to lucrative careers, there are numerous professions in Canada that reward skills, experience, and specialized training.

Keep reading to discover these high-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree.


Can I Get High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree?

For a long time, our culture has been conditioned to believe that obtaining a university degree is a must for obtaining well-paying employment.

That being said, this belief is purely mythical. In actuality, those without a college degree have access to a wide range of profitable professional options.

The days of having a college degree as the exclusive route to success and financial security are long gone.

Over time, the Canadian employment market has changed dramatically, giving more weight to experience and talents than just formal education.

Practical expertise and on-the-job training are now valued more highly in many areas than academic degrees. For others who have opted for different paths to achieve professional success, this change has created opportunities.

Without a degree, there are many options to make good money, from sales and information technology jobs to skilled trades like plumbing and electrical work.

Specialized certificates or apprenticeships, which provide invaluable training and practical experience, are frequently necessary for these vocations.

A career as an IT specialist or programmer is another alluring choice. Practical knowledge and experience are highly valued by many tech organizations over formal educational certificates.

People can acquire well-paying jobs in this quickly expanding profession by earning industry credentials or compiling a portfolio of noteworthy achievements.

There are many examples of successful people who have accomplished amazing things in their careers without obtaining standard degrees.

Their experiences should inspire everyone who has doubts about their ability to succeed outside of the classroom.

These people have shown that perseverance and the right talent can lead to rewarding jobs with competitive compensation packages by accepting different routes to success.

Undoubtedly, obtaining a higher education offers numerous advantages beyond monetary gains; these include, but are not limited to, personal development, broadened perspectives, and amplified prospects.

But it’s crucial to remember that there are opportunities for achievement and financial security outside of the conventional educational system.


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What are the Top 5 High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree?

High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree
High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree

1. Power Plant Operator:

Operators of power plants manage the production of electricity from a variety of sources, including nuclear and coal-fired power plants. Even though they don’t require a college degree for this position, they typically make about $90,000 a year.

2. Air Traffic Controller:

Earning $120,000 a year on average, one might become an air traffic controller and get substantial financial benefits. While it is not required to have a college degree, this role does require specific training and certification.

3. Elevator Mechanic:

Elevator mechanics make an amazing average compensation of $100,000 each year. They set up, keep up with, and fix lifting apparatuses like elevators.

4. Truck Driver:

Truck drivers are essential to the nationwide transportation of commodities because of their specific training and experience behind the wheel.

5. Real Estate Agent:

Those who become real estate agents can profit from Canada’s thriving home market and earn an average yearly compensation of $80-90k.


High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree and their Salaries

  • Web Developer:

Using HTML and CSS, among other programming languages, web developers design and develop websites.

Although formal schooling isn’t necessarily necessary for this line of work, understanding web development languages is essential. In Canada, web developers typically earn approximately $65,000 annually.

  • Powerline Technician:

It would be your job as a powerline technician to install and repair electrical power systems. Along with technical training or an apprenticeship program, a high school diploma or its equivalent is typically necessary.

The yearly income average for this position is almost $75,000.

  • Real Estate Agent:

Becoming a real estate agent includes completing the relevant licensing classes unique to your province or territory after getting a high school diploma or comparable degree.

Commissions from closed sales can determine an agent’s exact salary, however, in Canada, the average real estate salesperson makes approximately $61,500 annually.

  • Commercial Pilot:

A Private Pilot License (PPL) and a Commercial Pilot License (CPL) are prerequisites for becoming a commercial pilot.

Along with finishing flight training hours, you also need to pass written tests. In Canada, the average yearly compensation for a commercial pilot is approximately $78,000.

  • Elevator Mechanic:

The installation, upkeep, and repair of elevators and other vertical transportation systems are done by elevator mechanics.

Usually, to pursue this job route, one must finish secondary school and complete an apprenticeship as an elevator technician. The average yearly pay for elevator mechanics is approximately $85,000.


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What are the Benefits of High-Paying Jobs in Canada Without a University Degree?

  • Some high-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree offer opportunities for career advancement.
    With experience and additional certifications, individuals can progress into higher-paying roles or leadership positions within their respective fields.
  • Individuals in these roles may have the flexibility to pursue further education or certifications while working. This enables continuous learning and skill development without the need for a traditional university degree.
  • Pursuing a career without a university degree in a field that aligns with one’s interests and passions can lead to high job satisfaction. Enjoying the work can be its reward, contributing to overall happiness and well-being.
  • Unlike university graduates who may have student loans to repay, individuals entering high-paying jobs without a university degree often do not incur significant educational debt.
    This can lead to financial freedom and a quicker start in building personal wealth.
  • Individuals in these roles often gain practical work experience and develop valuable skills on the job.
    This hands-on experience can be just as crucial as formal education and may open doors to advancement within the industry.


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The exploration of high-paying jobs in Canada without a university degree has illuminated the numerous possibilities available to individuals.

From skilled trades and technology to healthcare and entrepreneurial ventures, professionals can embark on fulfilling and well-compensated careers by acquiring specific skills and certifications.

Thank you for reading!

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